Enabling mobile operator and enterprise partnerships.

Designed to work seamlessly with our advanced software platform, Spectrum, the following range of solutions provide access, and insight, into all mobile activity.

Market Intelligence

Knowing your market better, allows you to develop solutions and services you might never have thought of before, helping you stay a step ahead of your competitors. Use the following solutions to provide accurate metrics around your market, and conduct research with more than one billion customers.

Audience Intelligence

Understanding your existing and potential customers in greater detail allows you to deliver the right offer, for the right solution, at the right time. Use the following solutions to analyse and segment your audience, visualise connections and forecast behaviour.

Mobility Intelligence

With visibility of general population movement you can plan smarter cities, understand consumer behaviours more accurately and plan accordingly. Use the following solutions to confirm habitual locations and view general trends in movement.

Risk Intelligence

Greater insight into behaviour allows you to increase access to finance and insurance solutions, whilst reducing the risk level in your business. Use the following solutions to assess risk in the market.


Putting all this knowledge into action, with industry leading results.

Privacy Shield

All subscriber data is anonymous, fully opt-in compliant, and compliant with GDPR , so there’s no privacy risk at all.