Organising the world's mobile data.

So you can see the full picture.

The amount of mobile data is vast,

and spread across multiple systems in many locations. So we built Spectrum.
A highly advanced enterprise software platform, driven by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, to help us connect the dots.


And the result, is you’ll see what others cannot.
You’ll have access to the detail hidden in the data.


And you can draw conclusions based on fact,
as opposed to assumptions based on guesses.

How does it work?

Spectrum integrates with mobile operators' existing data lakes and platforms, organising the information and making connections between the separate data sources. A user friendly dashboard allows you to analyse, sort and review the information in a manageable way. Searches that may have taken a week before, now take seconds. Patterns emerge, and decisions become quicker, more certain.

"Patterns emerge,

and decisions become quicker, more certain."

What can it do?

Once Spectrum has been installed into a mobile operator, it can enable intelligence in a number of areas.

Privacy Shield

All subscriber data is anonymous, fully opt-in compliant, and compliant with GDPR, so there’s no privacy risk at all.